Blooming trading city from Golden Age

Known for its Delft Blue

Delft is the right place to learn more about the beginnings of the Dutch royal family. Just like The Hague and Amsterdam, Delft is on the Oranje route, and that connects to the House of Oranje-Nassau.

In Nieuwe Kerk opposite the town hall is the tomb of the members of the royal family. A walk along the Oude Kerk from 1246-popularly known as Leaning Jan-is woth a visit. You can recognize the building by the leaning tower. During the construction the church was distorted which was immediately repaired. The fracture is clearly visible on the tower.

Delft has several souvenir shops where you can buy the famous Delft Blue. This is one of the types of tin-glazed earthenware or faience. Did you know that it is actually a cheap counterfeit product from Chinese porcelain. It has been manufactured in various manufactures since the 17th century and is now world famous.

Delft developed from a trade city to an industrial city with universities and various research centers. Here you can look for numerous traces of the past, its various attractions and museums.