The Hague

City or town?

City of peace and justice

Information about the provincial capital of the Hague

The Hague is the third largest city in the Netherlands. It is the only large Dutch city by the North Sea, with an 11 km long coastline. The city has been both the seat of government and the residence of the Dutch Royal Family. But this is not the capital of the country, this is Amsterdam.

The Hague is the home of many national and international public service, many indoor shopping malls with beautiful architecture and various museums and galleries. It has the oldest shopping mall from 1885. The Panorama Mesdag is a special museum with a 360 degree, 120 m long and 14 m high of painting. Visit the Binnenhof and the Buitenhof in the Hague, you might even see a cycling politician.

The Hague has a huge dune area between the city and the beach.

There are at least 70 different child-friendly restaurant on the beach where you can enjoy a delicious meal after a wonderful day at the beach. You are also in the right place with your four-legged friend.

Officially the Hague is not a city but the capital of the province of South Holland. Anyway, this is a very pleasant city.