Historic place at the former Zuiderzee

With a rich history

Enkhuizen is a popular destination with a harbor on the IJsselmeer. The monumental buildings clearly show that Enkhuizen benefited from the VOC. Enkhuizen is easy to reach by train from Amsterdam. From the station you are in 10 minutes in the historic center and after another 10 minutes you are in the Outdoor Museum of the Zuiderzee Museum. There you can admire typical Zuiderzee towns and fishing villages from the 17th and 18th centuries.

The youngest visitors can also enjoy the small park called Sprookjeswonderland. During the summer the ships sail regularly to Stavoren and Urk. It is also interesting to drive by car through the Markerwaarddijk to Lelystad, Flevoland.

Although Enkhuizen is by the water and has a large harbor fishing is no longer important. However, agriculture is a very important role today, mainly in the trade of flower bulbs and cabbage cultivation. In the summer the city lives mainly from the (water) tourism. How you see, Enkhuizen is definitely worth a visit.